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What is RELO Funding?


RELO Funding is a system that allows Real Estate professionals to increase their income on every conventional transaction as well as creating an additional income stream by inviting their network of friends…all while putting the consumer first!

Earn additional income with up to $500 allocated to tiered pay on all conventional transactions of the agents you refer to the company, creating a down-line. 

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Q: I am interested in becoming a RELO Originator. How do I get started? 

     A: To get started, please attend the RELO Funding webinar to learn more. After attending the webinar, a follow up email will be sent with a sign up form and additional information.

Q: What licenses do I need? 

     A: A Mortgage Loan Originator license for each state in which you personally originate a mortgage or expect to receive income from your down-line originations. 

Q: How do I get licensed to be a RELO Originator? 

     A: Sign up for a the RELO Funding candidate webinar. 

  • We have negotiated discounts with Mortgage Educators and you can register for test at Pro Schools. 
  • An instructional licensing packet will be sent from HR after completing the intake form. 

Q: What is my employment status? 

     A:-time, outside sales – 20 hours per week maximum. 

  • Must have an active real estate agent/broker license and be personally engaged in RE sales. 
  • Outside Sales means that at least 50% of the time spent on loans must be away from home office or AmeriFirst office. 
  • Pre-background credit and criminal check will be conducted prior to employment. Felonies bar eligibility for employment. 
  • Job description will be provided by HR after completing the intake form. 

Q: How do I get paid? 

     A: Income is commission-only, paid on the 20th of the following month. 

  • There is no hourly pay or salary. 
  • You are not eligible for any corporate benefit plan. 

Q: When do I need to have a mortgage loan originator license? 

     A: You must be licensed before discussing any loan specifics with an applicant. 

  • You must be licensed prior to the application date in the case of a down-line applicant. 

Q: How long do I have to get licensed after registration? 

     A: You have 90 days from the time of registration to become employed. With permission of Management, you could restart the process in the future, but you forfeit
     any TIER relationship with your referenced TIER recruits once your registration has expired. 

Q: Can I expose other Real Estate agents to the RELO Funding opportunity before I am employed? 

     A: Yes, once you fill out the RELO Funding Intake Form we will register your Reference ID. Your Reference ID is the first 2 letters of your first name, first 2 letters of
     your last name and last 4 digits of your SS# (example John Smith 123-45-6789 would be JoSm6789). You can then share the form and your Reference ID. 

Q: Can I alter the payments to my down-line? 

     A: No, they are set at a uniform level by the company to ensure compliance with state and federal law. 

Q: What happens to my recruiting overrides when I leave the company? 

     A: You must be continuously employed in order to receive the down-line payments. Departure from the company severs the down-line. If you rejoin, you can begin a
     new down-line tree, but the previous down-line will not be available. 

Q: Can I reset my TIER position relative to others I introduce? 

     A: At any time after you receive a reference ID, but before your hire date, you can reposition your level relative to another person you have introduced. This requires
     approval of affected persons and management. Edit Tier Relationship Form. 

Q: What happens if one of my TIER recruits closes a loan before I am licensed? 

     A: You will not be paid any TIER override on any loan originated before your employment date. 

Q: On what loans would I be ineligible for recruiting override? 

     A: No, down-line payments can be made to a RELO Originator for the following reasons: 

  1. FHA, VA, Rural Housing Loans 
  2. Loans of a TIER RELO Originator in which the application date pre-dates your employment date. 3. Loans closed by TIER RELO Originators in States you (or the branch you are associated) are not licensed. 4. You fail the Eligibility Test* for the monthly look back period. 

Q: Can I refer Realtors in other states and get paid my TIER Override? 

     A: Yes, but your overrides will only be payable to the extent you are licensed in such state at the time of customer loan application.

Q: Do I need to hold a RE license in a state to get a Loan Originator license and close loans in that state? 

     A: No, as you have no requirement to be involved in the RE transaction in any way to do a loan. You could start a RE transaction process with a customer and they
     could move to another RE agent. As long as we do the loan, you will get paid. Refinances also count as qualifying transactions. 

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